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ComicListing.com is my version of how you should read, search, and list comics. Rather than just links, a site should help you read your comics. Rather than just list links at you, it should suggest sites that you might like. Rather than just browse, it should allow you to pin point your preferences. Rather than just be a static directory, it should be an interactive community. And rather than just bow to the number it should bow to the user's preferences.

That is my vision, what is yours? Please send me a Comment. Or register and visit the forums.


There are many features to this site, and i hope to continuously grow this list.
  • The largest listing and directory of webcomics on the web,
    over 18,000, and growing!
  • Easy searching of our entire list of online comics
    to find what you want!
  • Tools for managing and reading however many comics
    you follow, from 5 to 50!
  • RSS based comic monitering!
  • Simple and complex algorithms to help you find more comics
    that you might like to read!
  • A site that will cater to you: yes,
    I want to know what you want to be added to this list!

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  • Loren   On Saturday, February 27th 2010
    Sorry, it has been a long time since i have updated, more then enough craziness in life distracting me.

    NEWS, i have created a new RSS based comic monitoring system. Currently about 7,000 comics are having there updates monitored. Things that will soon come of this are: notification of comic updates, number of new comics released since last visit, memory of next comic you should read... more updates to come.

  • Loren   On Tuesday, December 2nd 2008
    Seams I have garnered a bit more bad press. The perpetrator this time is fr33z3dry at DeviantART. His confusion come from a new site that has listed his comic, suggesting anyone can claim control of his comics listing. This, of course, is true, but there are strict regulations on how that access is given.

    For DrunkDuck accounts the comic writer is PQ'ed with instructions, others can be sent an email that is solid part of the site, or you can place a metetag in the head of your page. These all have been designed so that there are no fraudulent assigning of listing control.

    I welcome all comments, suggestions, criticism, hates or praises. They can be done though email, the forum, or just send a message using the comments/suggestions page.

  • Loren   On Monday, November 17th 2008
    New "My Favorites" control system. I have improved it to work better and dynamically with AJAX. I have also upgraded the search feature, so that there is now a pre-search. There are many things that will be updated. More updates coming in the future.

  • Loren   On Friday, November 7th 2008
    New Design!!! Tell me what you think about it in the forums. I have also made some other updates. The comics now list and display their "ESRB" rating. I have also added a shoutbox/chatbox.

  • Loren   On Tuesday, September 23rd 2008
    So time for another little update. In recent days we have gotten a good amount of new comics added to our ranks. You should go and check them out. I have also updated the linking out page to have more features such as saving and removing favorites, flagging, and rating. Hope you like the new features, and as always, if you have anything to say, drop me a line.

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