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By: Justin Butler user profile
Last Published Comic: 94 Months 3 Weeks ago by 13
Description: The lazy college dropout Keisuke Yamazaki sees his life going nowhere. By chance he ends up seeing a live show of the visual-kei band YOKAI, and becomes obsessed. In a crazy turn of events Kei becomes friends with the members and they work together to form a new band, Chihana. Fighting against corrupt managment and rival bands, Chihana struggles to break out and achieve fame.
Topics: Life, Relationships, Work, Humor, Action
Update: 3 times a week
Art: Digitally Colored
Style: Manga
Rated: PG-13

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Actions: Flag:Rating: 4.5, by 2 user(s)
Premiere Date of Comic: 11/01/2010
This months views: 13
This months received: 0

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