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Gladiator Hitora


By: Christopher Nis user profile
Description: The world was shared peacefully between the humans and the various hybrid clans and spirits that lived within it. Then one day, the King of the Hyena Clan attacked, wrecking havoc on a fragile world. The descendants of the heroes of old were hidden away and trained to fight this threat. Now young Hitora and his friends will battle Sharkmen, Vultures, and poisonous rabbits to restore the world to order. Gladiator Hitora is a fun adventure for all ages. Animals, Humans, and Magic.
Topics: Adventure, Animals, Fantasy, Humor, Action
Update: Weekly
Art: Digitally Colored
Style: Manga
Rated: G

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Actions: Flag:Rating: 5.0, by 1 user(s)
Premiere Date of Comic: 12/01/2015
This months views: 22
This months received: 0

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